Reinventing Capital Markets
Tokenisation is leading a renaissance of financial innovation. As a full-service, UK-regulated fundraising machine, TokenFactory is a global leader in tokenisation, empowering both investors and companies with this new financial instrument. We provide a tailored end-to-end solution, from primary issuance all the way through to regulated secondary trading. We believe this new DLT landscape will be dominated by incumbents. Read about our recent collaboration with a world-leading regulated exchange here.

A global leader in tokenisation

Tokenisation is reinventing capital markets. This economic model built on blockchain technology is redefining the roles of financial intermediaries, providing greater access to investment opportunities and injecting liquidity into global markets.Our carefully thought out regulated model provides a complete end-to-end service for the primary issuance, tokenisation and secondary trading of equity. Companies can raise capital at a fraction of the time and cost when compared to traditional fundraising methods. Once issued, all tokenised assets will be available trading through our regulated partner exchanges worldwide. While the revolution first begins with tokenisation, it is secondary trading that will unleash liquidity and increase market participation on a global scale.

We have also been developing a worldwide equity token standard that will represent the stock certificate of the 21st Century and enhance industry cooperation in this emerging market. It will enable tokens to be easily traded and enable them to move seamlessly through various exchanges and across jurisdictions.

Our end-to-end service

TokenFactory provides the infrastructure, tools, legal agreements and technology to tokenise your equity. We make the issuing process simple, with automated compliance built into our entire framework.
All onboarding, issuance and administration tools are provided through an online portal, with simple integration and access for services such as KYC/AML, legal, data feeds and settlement.
We provide institutional-grade custody solutions for the safe collection and storage of both fiat and token funds. Our system is designed to be the most efficient and safe model to manage keys, used to conduct transactions, and allows you to track and know at any point what stage you issuance is to being cleared and settled.
We also provide all legal documentation. These standardised tokenisation documents are setup in Legal Markup Language. These templates are unique within the DLT and securities industries, and uniquely valuable to our clients. We have worked with our partners and several prominent UK law firms to ensure they meet the highest standards.

The tokenisation innovation


  • 24/7/365 markets
  • Fractional ownership
  • Almost instant settlement
  • Reduces risk exposure
  • Trading efficiency


  • Raise capital quickly & cheaply
  • Greater fundraising flexibility
  • Automated compliance
  • Access to a global market
  • Fewer intermediaries


  • Smart contract environment
  • Regulatory visibility
  • More liquidity and market depth
  • Smaller companies can compete
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